Monday, January 22, 2018

Chinese New Year 2018 – Year of the Yang Earth Dog - Dr. Lia Andrews

It is Oben’s favorite year in the 12 year cycle of Chinese Astrology; the year of the dog.

General predictions……

Is this a good year for you?

Yes, as long as you position yourself well. Most astrologists would say 1/3 of people are doomed, 1/3 are cautiously lucky, and the rest just get more of the same, but I believe my answer is more Daoist. There is always a way to benefit. It all comes down to the 5 Elements and Yin/Yang.

First, what about the Dog? The 12 animals are a mnemonic (memory) device to remember 5 element/Yin/Yang pairings.

Dog = Yang Earth

it is also a Yang Earth year.

This means a lot of Earth and a lot of Yang energy coming in.

The Good = groundedness, things coming to fruition, loyalty, networking, nurturing

The Bad = stuck, stubborn

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I am a Water day element – this means I need to be careful with Earth overacting on my water – health take care of my Kidneys. Be careful not to get stuck in my creativity.

Wood controls Earth and also fuels Fire

Metal drains Earth and Fuels Water

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